From a zero to a hero; how to make the next step

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How do I start? How do I do this? Hmmm, don’t know, well okay let’s go!

This is always one of the questions that pops up into my mind when I’m starting something new. And let me tell you this about myself: I do new things every day and I like the challenge of making it successful.

The same goes for writing my first English blogpost on LinkedIn since my native language is Dutch….so yeah, I can do it the easy way, but for me it’s all about the challenge (and yes you can correct me about this in the section below, as long as it helps me getting better)!

How can you be successful?

Today I run two companies, NXT business which is my consultancy firm and the other is the female entrepreneur business club NL Zakenvrouwen. With NXT business I won the award last year from the Board of Ethnic business women for being the most successful start up business woman. This happened within less than a year since I started this company.

The other company I build the biggest networking business club for female entrepreneurs in Rotterdam (where I live my happy urban citizen-life). This happened after I saw women were struggling with themselves at networking events and they actually didn’t know how to stand out between al those businessmen, which is still the majority. From my own experience I can say that it doesn’t always feels comfortable to be the only woman in the group…..not that it stops me doing what I do, but still.

Although it’s a bit un-Dutch, because in the Netherlands we say that normal is the best standard (just act normal), I now say that I feel successful at the moment and I feel proud and happy with the things I accomplished. So there, I said it, haha! And, yes I really enjoy to inspire people and motivate people to feel the same, because it feels GREAT!

And you know what: I want to share my story with everyone who wants to hear it, because I truly honestly hope that someone who doesn’t think that it’s possible for them it isn’t true, but you have to work for it, just do it and believe in yourself. I know this from my own experience since I also had a big piece of sadness in my life when I was far to young for it…..In the end, it all worked out, but at that time it felt different and I really needed positive influencers in my life.

What is successful?

First, I want to clarify what that means for me, because it’s (not always) written in stone.

  1. It’s about a feeling that you have and
  2. which is hardly accomplished only by yourself, because you simply never walk alone and
  3. beside your own pride, the recognition also comes from someone else (group or person)

You can question it if you really need it, but we’re old and wise enough to know that the outside world, and especially in your life at the office everybody wants to label success. Also me.

Why do we label success?

Think about the OK-sticker at elementary school, the sports medal, your job promotion, the numerous likes on your social media, or bigger: winning the award for the best blablabla. It all comes down to recognition, and don’t we all want an applause? And when you look at others it can motivate and inspire you. But the downside is that it can make you also ridiculously jealous and mean, ’cause “the bigger they are, the harder they fall“. And let’s be honest we all know people that cover up their own mistake(s) and point to someone else?

What can you do to be successful?

When I speak on seminars, afterwards I’m quite often being asked about my career and how I manage my business and still look energetic and if I ever sleep? Yes of course I sleep, I think rest is one of the most important things when you have to perform. Just take a look at professional athletes; not only the training is important but also the recovery is a big part of their daily routine. I think the same goes for career makers, or better career athletes.

Success is different for everyone and also changes in time, so I can only say what works for me, from my own experiences. Since we live a world of charts, sometimes because a lack of attention or time (I’m also guilty on this), I hereby give you a few tips hoe to be successful.

  1. Just do it and work your ass off!
  2. Think in options & possibilities; challenge yourself
  3. Finish things!

Have a great day!

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Deniece von Harras

Deniece is founder van SmartUp Network, NL Zakenvrouwen en heeft een carrière achter de rug in het corporate bedrijfsleven. In haar vrije tijd reist, sport deze girlboss graag. Ook een drankje en een dansje slaat Deniece niet af.

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